DC Drivers/Controllers
Power up your Brush DC Motors with Anaheim Automation Speed Controllers. Our Brush DC Drives/Controllers are high quality products, offered at a low prices. Anaheim Automation's Brush DC Seed Controllers offer internal or external potentiometer speed control, external voltage speed control, 2-quadrant operation, and an open-loop velocity mode. With Anaheim Automation's Brush DC Speed Controllers, you know you're getting a great value!
DC Motors
The Brush DC Motor is designed for high volume OEM applications with low cost being the primary objective. The Brush DC Motor comes in sizes from 0.29" to 3.6" diameter. Anaheim Automation offers many models to choose from including off-the-shelf options or custom options. Custom options include optimizing the maximum speed, torque, current, voltage, cabling, wiring, connectors, and shaft modifications. With our Brush DC Motors you get great quality, great customer service, and competitive prices. Please note that not all small dc motors are stock items, and that minimum purchases will be required for most part numbers listed. However, for most applications, going to another dc motor series, or just a size larger, may provide the solution for your requirements.
DC Gearmotors
Anaheim Automation's Brush DC Gearmotors are designed and priced for high volume OEM applications with low cost and high quality being the primary objective. Choose from our wide selection of Brush Spur Gearmotors and Brush Planetary Gearmotors to give you high precision at a very affordable price. With a variety of power and ratios to choose from, Anaheim Automation will surely have a Brush Gearmotor that's right for your application.